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Spanish classes online for children and adults.

Each one of my students' improvement is a huge reward for me. I started finding out about this when I began helping my students as a tutor over 10 years ago. I was teaching, as I do now, adults and children. Also, I was helping them to become fluent, understanding the frustration that some of them were feeling when they were trying to memorize all the different grammar rules, yet not having practice doing what ultimately was their main goal, speaking!

I was in the same boat myself trying to learn English a few years earlier when I wasn't able to put more than a few sentences together until I started speaking more and more, and I was just adding a few new concepts or words to my belt. I learned from my experience that the easiest way to learn a language is to actually speak the language, so I started sharing this way of learning with my students. It became more and more exciting seeing my students' improvement while they were enjoying it too!

My students felt so excited about their improvement that they expressed to me such wonderful comments about my teaching and supported me with increasing referrals. They actually inspired me to establish Mi Casita Spanish Classes! Many thanks to all of them for being part of what today is Mi Casita! I especially thank one of my dearest student's mom and friend to whom I'll always be grateful for such inspiration and support.

Who I am

I'm a native Spanish speaker born and raised in México with over ten years of experience teaching Spanish to all ages and levels in the North County area of San Diego, California. Since I was very young I thought that doing something to help others was very rewarding. Therefore my minor degree is Social Worker. Also I found very interesting the fact that nowadays we live in a very globalized world, for which I decided to studied my Bachelors Degree, International Business.

I always have been very interested to learn about the different cultures around the world and the richness that each culture has to offer. So I was very driven to learn English, but at the same time it was a very frustrating and challenging goal for me to accomplish for a while. I wanted to know what the 80’s songs we were listening to were about. I really liked the music but I couldn’t understand the lyrics.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying living in Playas de Tijuana with my family. Going to the beach with my friends and dogs, maybe 15 of them?? But not all the dogs at once :) . You know, I used to adopt almost any street dog. I felt sorry for them. I was always ready for “El Spring Break” even though I didn’t really know what the words meant. We were having a huge influence from the states, living so close. I was attending school most of my life in Tijuana since I was 11 years old, after having moved from Mexico City, where I was born. Yes, I’m “chilanga” ;) even though I don’t feel like one, and I still don’t agree with regionalism from anywhere. As I said, I see the world more as a globalized one.

Throughout all those years I kept trying to learn English, and after many attempts to learn, I finally realized that the best way to learn the language was actually speaking it. I tried to be okay with the fact that my skills to communicate were poor, but the more I was okay with that fact, the more I was improving and the wonderful moment came... I was speaking English!!!

Around the same time, I moved to the states and started meeting more and more people who were feeling as I did, so I began sharing what I had learned, what it is like to learn a language. So now I love to teach Spanish and immerse my students in the Hispanic culture, where each one of them can feel as if they were in a Spanish-speaking country while being in San Diego. And because I know the importance of a relaxing environment, at Mi Casita my students feel as if they were at their own home. They learn and practice Spanish with various activities. In class we cover vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, all developed through very casual conversation. I also include recreational activities so that you'll find the class to be as if you were having fun with friends.

Today at home we practice having a bilingual life my husband, my son and I. We have books, music, games and all type of activities to enjoy life from the two different perspectives. It really make our lives so enjoyable. I can't imagine our lives differently. By the way, one of my favorite books to read to my son is Good night Yoga. It is in English, but I do translate it for him in Spanish. I guess it's my favorite since I love practicing Yoga when I can, mainly Bikram. ¡Me gusta el calor! I'm also always looking for different events to attend where we can also learn about different cultures.

So, just as I have helped my other students learning, I'll be happy to help you or your children in your own journey learning Spanish too! Join one of classes online or in person.